How Education Can Help My Generation Influence Changes in the World

When I was younger, my mother read to me and my sisters out on the porch during humid nights in August. She would borrow one book after another from my local library. It was a different genre every week, but my favorite text that she ever read to us was a nonfiction book called The Kid Who Named Pluto: And the Stories of Other Extraordinary Young People in Science by Marc McCutcheon; the author wrote about how a young generation of people had a big impact on the world with their discoveries and inventions. As she read the book, I remember thinking how our generation holds the key to a brighter future for society. Louis Braille was one of many brilliant young men who influenced their generation.

The choices we make today will shape our lives in the future. We are all born with a little natural talent, but we often get further in life by developing an interest at an early age and then committing to it. When Louis Braille was just three years old, he became blind when he accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with an awl, one of his father’s workshop tools. When he turned ten, he received a scholarship to the Institution Royales des Jeunes Aveugles (Royal Institution for Blind Youth) in Paris. He was a bright and creative student at the strict school.  The students were taught how to read by feeling raised letters, which was a system devised by the school’s founder Valentin Haüy. However, Louis Braille and his peers did not learn how to write since the invention was made using paper pressed against copper wires. Therefore, the letters were heavy so some of the books weighed as much as one hundred pounds. In 1824, he completed his invention Braille, a raised dot system, at the age of fifteen. Ironically, he completed his creation using his father’s stitching awl which was the reason why he lost his sight. Louis Braille invented a writing system for people who could not see for people in his generation. Today, Braille is still widely used. Education can help my generation influence changes just as Louis Braille used his knowledge to invent a system of reading for people who lost their sight.

Our generation will have a big impact on the world. Years and years of education can help our generation discover new vaccines, cures for diseases, and create new inventions. Education can help us reach new heights. Many of us will follow our dreams of helping others in many different ways like working with patients and introducing new technology to make this world a better place for people to live in. We learn a great deal of knowledge during years of education; our generation might take on big roles such as running for president or working for the government where we would hold the power of our country in our hands by issuing laws.

We can influence changes in the world with a great education. People in the past have proven that it is possible; we can make a difference too. Though we live in the 21st century with advanced technology, there are many major issues that we might be able to change such as finding a cure for cancer and other diseases, but it all begins with recognizing the importance of education. School opens the path to our careers, gives us an opportunity to discover our talents, and to grow as a person.  Furthermore, education opens the door to new options, giving us a clearer future. On one side of the door are hopes for a new beginning. The key in life is education, where our generation has to us the key to open the door to a brighter future. In school is where we discover our hidden abilities, make goals, and open our mind to greater things, as well as new beginnings.


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