Thanks for stopping by. My name is Erica Setow. I’m a graduate of UMass Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. I specialize in descriptive and persuasive writing; throughout my site, you’ll find a blend of posts including short essays and poetry.

I’ve written for my college’s Her Campus page on subjects geared towards college women such as 5 Ways to Be a Good Friend and Songs for Self-Love Because You’re Worth It. Additionally, one of my poems was published in an anthology after entering a national writing contest sponsored by Creative Communication, the same one that singer-songwriter Taylor Swift entered years prior as stated on their site.

You can find posts here on some of the topics that matter to me the most including A Broken Vase: The Detrimental Effects of Bullying and Rugby Role-Playing: Comparisons Between Theater and the Sport. This is a space for me to share: recollections of events that I attended, stories with humor weaved in, insightful connections, and short poems for quick readings.

Writing is such a powerful form of self-expression; my blog is a reflection of me so that’s why I aim to write with empathy and thoughtfulness. I first became aware of the weight of words when I wrote my college essay about a teacher who impacted me. When I shared my writing with her, I looked up to see a pair of emerald eyes holding back tears. I was so shocked by her reaction that I went into panic mode, but she assured me that they were happy tears. Since then, I never held back when it came to sharing parts of myself through writing.

I write to persuade, to please, but mostly I just write for me.

Please leave comments or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!